Yushan Hike with Singapore Team at Shelter with Yushan Main Peak in Background


FAQ about Yushan Hike Tour for CHEAP in 2019. UPDATED Nov 2019

Jade Mountain aka YUSHAN  is the HIGHEST Mountain but the EASIEST Peak in ALL TAIWAN to hike!

Next April 2020. Jade Mountain Tour is scheduled.

Easiest mountain among the Taiwan peaks but not easy in itself!

Hiking Jade Mountain is a VERY EXPENSIVE adventure when you take commercial Jade Mountain Tour in Taiwan!

To simplify and answer the numerous questions that we get on FB Hiking Taiwan Club facebook  here is the summary :

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Snow Mountain Tour at trailhead service station

2D2N DIY Xueshan Trek TAIWAN Snow Mountain BEST EXPERIENCE

Hiking Snow Mountain in Taiwan for CHEAP! Update Nov 2019

How to Save your money? Read carefully all the instructions below!

This website is born from an avid Singapore girl hiker.

Here is the regularly updated DIY guide for Xueshan Trek in Taiwan:

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ITINERARY of Xue shan hike:

  • The Hike starts at Wuling Farm Xueshan Trailhead (2140 m altitude) – Metres above sea level
  • with 2 km to Qika cabin (2500 m altitude)
  • followed by 4 km to Xueshan East Peak (3150 m altitude) via “Crying slope”
  • then  1 km to 369 cabin (3100 m altitude),
  • finally 4 km to the summit of Snow Mountain = Xue Shan (3886 m)
  • It’s a total of 11 km going up and down to reach the Summit of Snow Mountain aka Xueshan aka Mount Sylvia.

DISCLAIMER: Information in that website are for EXPERIENCED HIKERS. Rescue Officer told us that too many people go to the High Mountains with poor equipment, with poor physical fitness, with poor sense of direction etc. 

Many hikers brag on their blog that they did it solo and easily.

Reality is: “it is not easy for 92% of the population to climb High Mountains in Taiwan!” 

IF you are NOT an experienced hiker then our best advice for your own sake is to join a group tour with a company!



It’s not very difficult to go Hiking Snow Mountain but you have to wake up very early to grab a parking space at the trailhead!

How to go to Xueshan from Taipei?

First of all, from Taipei, it takes more than 3 and a half hours by car to join Wuling Farm then 20 min to arrive at the trailhead.

It takes ONE DAY by public transportation from Taoyuan to Taipei to Yilan to Wuling Farm to Xueshan trailhead!

Do you want to hire a driver to save time?


TL;DR click Snow Mountain Guided Tour

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When Real Snow season at Xueshan Snow Mountain

When does it snow at Snow Mountain Xueshan? Love it!

First snowfalls at Xueshan on Friday, Dec 6, 2019!!! 

But till now (11 Dec 2019), Shei-Pa National Park declared the snow season starting on 3rd January 2020.

We are nearly going every week over there, hiking Xueshan with the snow is such a beautiful experience!


Of course, you’ll see snow at Snow Mountain in winter!

Check our Xueshan hike for winter 2020: ⇓scroll down down down ⇓

We did a hike in the snow end of December 2017, beginning of January 2018 with crampons.

But this year (in 2019), the snow came very late in February and it is still snowing end of March:

26 March 2019
Snow Situation
At 9.7K Xueshan circus 20cm
Between 9.7-10.3K hard snow about 10-20cm
The last section 10.3K-10.8K hard snow about 40-50cm
Xueshan Main Peak 20cm of soft snow

New snowfall over 10.5K covered the trail
This morning 2 teams evaluated the risks
They stopped and turned back at 10.5K (400m before the summit!) because of Hard snow on the steep slope

Photos are courtesy of Volunteer 吳峻德


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FAQ When is Snow Season at Xueshan Snow Mountain?

Hiking Snow Mountain during the Snow season is totally different!

To clarify, officially, Snow Season is from Read More »When does it snow at Snow Mountain Xueshan? Love it!

How to make a website for my Hiking Friends from DaJianShan?

I recently went on a hike at DaXiaoJian Mountain 大小劍山 = 大劍山 + 志佳山 + 小劍山 = 3 百岳 Top100 mountains. Hard trip ! 15 hours the 2nd day up and down and up and down… => will be detailed in another post.

And many fellow hikers asked me how to DIY build a website. DIY website is much much much cheaper than hiring a website design company !


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Equipment Hiking Snow Mountain Taiwan

Which Equipment for Mt Jade or Snow Mountain Taiwan?

FAQ Which Equipment for hiking Xueshan in Taiwan?

Equipment is very important. It can make your hike like hell or like paradise 🙂

You probably come from : https://hikingtaiwan.club/2016/01/climb-yushan-snow-mountains-together/ and asking about equipment :

FAQ : can I rent on site at trailhead ? ==> answer below

FAQ : where can I store my backpack? ==> answer below

FAQ : Which Equipment during Snow Season? ==> answer below

Equipment for UV protection

Over 3000 m altitude, the Sun is burning the skin so we recommend UV protection clothes.  long pants + long sleeves + neck scarf + sunscreen 50 UV protection + sunglasses + large hat.

Even if it is cloudy, you still get sunburnt !

Cold protection Equipment

Over 3000 m altitude, temperature reachesRead More »Which Equipment for Mt Jade or Snow Mountain Taiwan?