CHEAP Mt JADE TAIWAN HIKE Permits Itinerary 2019

CHEAP Mt JADE TAIWAN HIKE Permits Itinerary 2019

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FAQ how to Hike Jade Mountain Tour for CHEAP in 2019 ? UPDATED May 2019

YUSHAN MAIN Peak is the TALLEST and the EASIEST Peak in ALL TAIWAN to hike !

Hiking Jade Mountain is an adventure ! To simplify and answer the numerous questions that we get on FB Hiking Taiwan Club facebook  here is the summary :

0- Itinerary for Hiking Jade Mountain: 5 peaks

Day 1 Taipei to Tataka 4 hours by car or [8 hours + overnight] by bus. FIRST NIGHT Sleep at Tataka

Day 2 Check permits then Go to trailhead + Climb Front Peak + West Peak then 2nd NIGHT sleep at Paiyun Lodge.

Day 3 early morning climb to Jade Mountain MAIN PEAK then East Peak + North Peak (MUST DO!) then back to Paiyun then back down to trailhead then 4 hours by car to Taipei or Taoyuan, or overnight then 8 hours by bus.

1- Permits for Jade Mountain

You must have 2 permits : the permit of Yushan National Park + the permit of Entry mountains

The permit of Yushan National Park

DIY apply permit here : Yushan National Park Permit Application

It is also your bed reservation at Payun Lodge, only 92+24 beds.

When what time to apply permit for Jade Mountain ?

Foreigners with passport copy can apply EXACTLY 4 months before (apply on 14 Jan for sleeping in Paiyun on 14 May), 24 beds are for foreigners, this is first applied, first paid, first approved, first served !

If 2 teams of 12 hikers applied 3 milliseconds before you did… YES they count by MILLISECONDS ! then

you have to re-apply permit (refill all the application with members info) for the lottery more than 30 days before your hiking date.

You compete with Hong Kong people, China people, Singapore people, Malaysian, Filipinos, Americans, Australians and even with Europeans : German French Dutch… !

CONS : with Foreigners permits, you are ONLY allowed to climb the MAIN PEAK, you miss the iconic NORTH PEAK with AWESOME VIEWS that most of foreigners miss!!! 🙁

92 beds are for everybody, Taiwanese and Foreigners, National Park draw a lottery one month before, so this is equal chance for everyone.

TIPS : More chance to get the permit if you sleep in Paiyun lodge on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Weekends have high competition of course.

This permit cost 500 NT/person and if you are late to transfer the money (in 3 days) then it is cancelled to give beds to somebody else. That’s why we could get permit in November 2018 ah ah ah !

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FAQ Can I hike SOLO in Jade Mountain ?

Yes ! Permits for SOLO HIKER are possible except during snow season January to March. You must send proof photos of your experience in high mountains over 3000m + proof of insurance already paid.

Now you see why getting permit is the most difficult part of hiking Jade Mountain ?

IF you could not get permit for Yushan Jade Mt

Then Have a Look at  Xueshan Hike alternative

For strong hikers, check the challenging Hiking Qilai mountain in Taiwan

For VERY STRONG hikers, contact us for many days SECTIONS 🙂

Singapore_hikers_Team_hike_Yushan_Taiwan with HTC
Singapore_hikers_Team_hike_Yushan_Taiwan, at HTC we provide the Flag 😉


There are 9 peaks at Jade Mountain, usually, FIT hikers climb the FRONT PEAK, the WEST PEAK then sleep at Payun Lodge. The 2nd day : climb the MAIN PEAK, the EAST PEAK, the NORTH PEAK (AWESOME VIEWS!!!) then go back down to trailhead. *** Permits must include these peaks ***

The other Southern peaks request more days and are only for FANS of Baiyue Mountains, the Top 100 mountains challenge !

Permit of Entry mountains for Jade Mountain

only after you get the 1st permit then you apply for the permit of Entry mountains :

Use Google Chrome Web Browser to translate the website.
National Police request that somebody in Taiwan (Taiwanese address + Phone) is your Guardian Angel. This person is LEGALLY responsible to take care of you if you have an accident. That’s why you have to ask a friendly Taiwanese or try with your hotel manager in Taiwan or ask a (Singapore, Filipino who speak Chinese…) friend of you who lives in Taiwan.

This permit is free.

Usually you get the permits first then you can book your flight, organize transportation, guide, food, equipment etc…


2- DIY How to go to trailhead of Jade Mountain ?

you go to TATAKA first then you take a shuttle van, price : 100 NT/ person or you walk for less than one hour if you have time.

Solution for SOLO hiker :

2 small Bus leave at 8 am and 9 am from Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Visitor Center, price 350 NT

2 small Bus leave at 1 pm and 2 pm from Alishan village, price 150 NT

Bus 6739 for hiking Yushan

WARNING : do not take the bus for DONGPU VILLAGE but for DONGPU LODGE ! It is completely different locations even if the name is DONGPU !!!

==> you must spend one night in Sun Moon Lake or Alishan. There are plenty of hotels there, you search on site. You can find a double room for 2000 NT.

PROS : cheaper. CONS : small bus 20 seats so it can be full, tight schedule not flexible, takes much more time !  Time = Money

Solutions for group :

Hiking Jade Mountain transportation solution 1

You hire a van+driver and share the cost of the van, the driver is at your order, so pick up + drop off at your will, you can also stop at hotsprings or restaurant on the way 🙂 Price max 20000 NT on the market, this price is for the whole trip of 3 days ! One way from Taipei, the driver waits for you 2 nights, then one way to go back to Taoyuan airport or Taipei. Price indicated is max, you can find cheaper like 15000 if the driver is available during low season for example…

😡🤬 From Taichung to Tataka : We got a price of 4000 NT/one way trip but one day before, the driver increased the price to 5000 NT!!! We had no choice than to accept because it was too late to find another driver…😖😤

From Tataka to Taichung, we called many other drivers, only one was available yeah! His price was 4000 NT. But the day we had to take, he said we were too late (20 min late) because the direct road to Taichung city is closed at 5pm and it was 4.30 pm… so the price was 5000 NT via Chiayi city!

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😖😤 But wait! It is not finished! In the van on the way, he said he could bring us to a nice and cheap hotel near Taichung HSR station. He couldn’t say the price of hotel but we searched and it was 4000-5000 NT per room! So we refused and wanted to go to Taichung city center, this is when the driver complained and it was another excuse to increase the price of One way trip to 5500 NT!!! 😠😡

The Driver phone number  0937951400 or phone number  0928358307 for record.


For group of hikers you can search on Google “Paul Driver Taiwan” : that guy is one of the best cab driver in Taiwan go check him if he is available!

He’s often driving Singapore people in Taiwan, see the reviews on his website.

Hiking Jade Mountain transportation solution 2

You go from Taipei or from Taoyuan Airport to Chiayi Train station

By train max 600 NT

Train Schedule Taipei Chiayi Hiking Jade Mountain Taiwan Club
Train Schedule Taipei Chiayi Hiking Jade Mountain Taiwan Club

By HSR High Speed Railway 1100 NT

Then rent a van+driver 3500 NT ONE WAY so 700 each if you are 5 hikers. Max capacity of 7 hikers with bulky backpacks.

You can find the vans at Chiayi train station, old ladies with photos will direct you to these vans.

But the best is to book driver 2 weeks before your arrival.

PROS : more flexible schedule, no hassle to come back after the hike when you are tired. MUST HAVE if you have a plane to take the same day of summit Jade Mountain.

CONS : more expensive, most of the time the driver doesn’t speak English. Money = Time


3- Guide for Hiking Jade Mountain ?

IF you are really experienced hiking by yourself in high mountains and ONLY want to climb the MAIN PEAK  THEN you do not need a guide. “Hiking by yourself” means that you have hiked without following somebody, you were active and you know the dangers in the mountains.

IF you are newbies or want more to climb more peaks THEN it is advised to take a guide to limit the risk, and save time, do not get caught by the dark and chilly night !

IF you have plenty of time THEN you do not need a guide.

The guides are not full time guides. They must take 3 days off from their job if they go with you and they have to pay their trip to Jade Mountain too by the way.

The guide usually apply for permits, book transportation, book lodges etc… Guide carries safety equipment walkie-talkie, medicine, first aid kit.

Therefore a guide will cost about 20000 NT to take care of a group.

PROS : save you time in research and booking, safer for newbies. Payment by Paypal.

CONS : expensive, difficult to find a guide available. One more time, TIME = MONEY

Guide for group on WhatsApp :

4- FAQ What about the food in Jade Mountain ?

Ah ah ! This is the main question from our friends from Singapore 🙂  you can book IN ADVANCE the dinner + sleeping bag + breakfast + brunch for 950 NT (price of November 2018), payment 7 days before by bank transfer to the Aboriginals Team.

Why in advance ? because the Aboriginals buy the exact quantity to carry on foot to Paiyun lodge the same day as your day climb!

There is no fridge in the mountain, no cable car, no helicopter to transport food, it’s all made by MAN POWER.

As experienced hikers, we do not take this option. Why ? Because we are strong enough to carry our own sleeping bag LOW TEMPERATURE 0 degree + our own food + gas stove. We can cook OUTSIDE of Paiyun Lodge, it’s cold but possible. We also save money.

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Some newbies are sick with altitude and they can not eat, they vomit.

What meals of Paiyun Lodge Yushan ?

Pork ribs with plum sauce 300 NT

Roasted chicken thigh with honey sauce 300 NT

Steamed pork with salted dried vegetable 300 NT

Vegetarian Oriental Meal 300 NT


Hiking Yushan Paiyun Lodge Menu Meals
Hiking Yushan : Paiyun Lodge Menu Meals

TAKE CARE ! If you arrive after 6.30 pm at Paiyun Lodge there is no more food ! Yes they don’t keep for late hikers…

PROS : order food+sleeping bag to hike with light backpack. You help Aboriginals to earn little money. Aboriginals carry HEAVY packs of food everyday… There is no helicopter to bring food !

CONS : booking meals at Paiyun is a hassle, they don’t speak English, you have to book before, then transfer money by bank or ATM, then send them the receipt.

5- INSURANCE ! Do not forget it !

Accidents happen every year, there are very few accidents but it still happens ! 3 deadly accidents in October 2018 one slipped and fell near Yushan East peak (challenging peak), one fell near Yushan Main peak (easy peak though),  another hiker was left behind the group and died from hypothermia.

So you must buy insurance in your own country because it is adapted to the medical fees, the hospital fees of your own country. In Taiwan one night at the hospital costs about 5000 NT, one simple surgery minimum 20000 NT, one Xray 500 NT, one head MRI Xray nearly 10000 NT !

Check that your insurance covers HIKING in HIGH MOUNTAINS !

FIY For us, special insurance for hiking High Mountains costs about 500 NT / person for 3 days.


6- Equipment for hiking Jade Mountain

The equipment for hiking Jade Mountain is the same equipment for hiking Snow Mountain, click here. Except that the cabin Paiyun Lodge is much more comfortable, it’s a 5 stars lodge among the mountain cabins ! But it is still noisy in the early morning at 3 am.

If you take a guide, the guide can lend you some equipment, else you have to buy or rent in Taipei by yourself.


7- Altitude Sickness

It can happen : if this is your first time in High Mountains.

  • if you climb too fast from Sea level to High Mountains = from Taipei to Paiyun for example.
  • or if you didn’t sleep well, if you are tired, sick, hungry, thirsty, digesting heavy food… it is like the sea sickness when the boat moves, some people get seasick, some people do not.
  • if you are not fit, if you never exercise.

Read this article from Wikipedia  Altitude sickness .

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Do you know the Baiyue 百岳 Top 100 Mountains?

If you do not get a permit for Jade mountain, there are 99 other mountains to climb in Taiwan !

Start with easy around Taipei :

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For strong hikers, check the challenging Hiking Qilai mountain in Taiwan

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