When does it snow at Snow Mountain Xueshan? You’ll Love it!

When Real Snow season at Xueshan Snow Mountain
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Of course you’ll see snow at Snow Mountain in winter!

Check our Xueshan hike for winter 2020: ⇓scroll down down down ⇓

We did a hike in the snow end of December 2017, beginning of January 2018 with crampons.

But this year (in 2019) , snow came very late in February and it is still snowing end of March:

26 March 2019
Snow Situation
At 9.7K Xueshan circus 20cm
Between 9.7-10.3K hard snow about 10-20cm
Last section 10.3K-10.8K hard snow about 40-50cm
Xueshan Main Peak 20cm of soft snow

New snow fall over 10.5K covered the trail
This morning 2 teams evaluated the risks
They stopped and turned back at 10.5K (400m before the summit!) because of Hard snow on the steep slope

Photos are courtesy of Volunteer 吳峻德


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FAQ When is Snow Season at Xueshan Snow Mountain ?

Hiking Snow Mountain during Snow season is totally different!

To clarify, officially, Snow Season is from January 1st to March 31st, the first 3 months of each year but the Xueba National Park will effectively CLOSE the park when REAL SNOW is forecast few days before !

It means that if there is no snow on 15 January then you can still go and climb Xueshan with a normal permit.

It means that if it is snowing on 18 December then the Xueba National Park will close access and cancel all the normal permits! You must reapply a Special permit…


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SPECIAL PERMITS are required for Real Snow season

Snow certificate + snow climbing equipment. => completed later.

Equipment for climbing Snow Mountain Xueshan during Snow season detailed here. See bottom.

Equipment Hiking Snow Season Mountain Taiwan

Equipment Hiking Snow Season Mountain Taiwan

Equipment Hiking Snow Mountain Taiwan

Equipment Hiking Snow Mountain Taiwan


FAQ Are you sure there is no snow in December ?

With the Earth Global Warming, we can not predict when it is going to snow. Typhoon season is changing. Snow season is also changing.

But these last years 2016 2017, it started from late January until to mid-April.

Of course, some sporadic snowfall can occur in December and in April.

See the News article below, it starts from 20 January. The date 31 March is official and can change according to the weather forecast in March, maybe earlier, likely later.


Source: 雪霸國家公園雪季將報到 登山需做好準備 – Yahoo奇摩新聞

Google Translation :

In order to maintain the safety of tourists during the snowy season. the snow tyrants will be implemented from January 20 to March 31. to implement the season admission control measures. Snow Pa National Park Management Office said that during the season to the snow Pa climbers need Prepare. And follow snow season control measures to maintain safety.


Another News article :


Source: 雪季管制剛解除 雪山一夜又白了頭 | 生活 | 即時


Google Translation :

Snow Day National Park snow season control measures lifted today. But the end of March a wave of front with cold air group south. Last night from the temperature instantly decline. snow Pa Miaoli, Taichung at the junction of the ridge of the mountains and the night and “white head” . Snow Pa National Park Management Office and the first seven battalion team called the Friends of the mountain. Ching Ming even if you want to enter the snow Pa Park. climbers should equip with snow equipment. pay attention to mountain safety.


Snow Mountain Xueshan Weather?

Weather in the high mountains is really unpredictable as most of weather stations are for the cities.

When you climb high mountains over 3000 m, you are often OVER the clouds!

That’s why you can appreciate the beautiful Sea of Clouds!

A good website for Weather forecast at Xueshan is:



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