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Hiking- River tracing in Hualien what to do in few days?

Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail Hualien Taiwan

FAQ I’m going to Hualien, what should I do?

Hualien is a good choice and a very touristic destination in Taiwan. There are so many things to do with hiking trails in Taroko gorges and famous river tracing like Golden Grotto.

Most of the hiking trails will require 2 permits to protect you. Permits must be asked online minimum 8 days before !

Taroko Xincheng Train Station Hualien county Taiwan

To go to Taroko gorges, the train station is Xincheng not Hualien ! At Xincheng, catch a bus (not convenient, every 2 hours…), catch a taxi or rent a scooter (only one shop at the corner of the plaza).


  Here are the trails in Taroko easy to access and easy to walk :

Shakadang Trail : no permit needed. Family friendly.
Famous Zhuilu Old Trail : 2 permits ! Guard at the entrance with a gate and lock to cross the long suspension bridge. This trail has an overview of more than 400 m over the river and was carved into the cliff, imagine you walk on the border of Taipei 101 building ! BEWARE ! every year 1 or 2 persons fall… even if there is a cable on the cliff, it is still super scary !
LuShui Trail : no permit needed. It’s a little Zhuilu trail (description above) but with fence for security. Family friendly.
Lushuiheliuyouqifuwu Station : nice exhibition and also trailhead of LuShui Trail : no permit needed
The Baiyang Waterfall Trail : no permit needed to reach the Shuiliandong waterfall and
Baiyang Falls. Take your headlamp or a torch. Very impressive dark tunnel at the beginning. Family friendly.
Xiangde Temple : no permit needed
Eternal Spring Shrine : no permit needed
Forbidden Hotsprings of Wenshan 文山溫泉 : many people jump over the fence at their own risk (falling stones)
Taroko entrance Hualien Taiwan
Top100 Bilu Mt Trailhead 毕禄山登山口 : requires 2 permits. Famous “Spicy mountain” start at Bilu, exit at YangTou mountain. Very steep and difficult in 2 days with 2 nights camping after trailhead and before reaching Yangtou mountain Top100.
Yangtou Mt Top 100 羊頭山 : requires 2 permits. Yangtou  mountain belongs to  Top 100 and is a famous “Spicy mountain” too. It is usually linked to Bilu Mt Top 100 in 3 days hiking trip. Very difficult.

Here are the Must-Do River Tracings in Hualien :

Golden Grotto 黃金峽谷 : The famous Golden Grotto is here. One of the best river tracing ! The Grotto is made of several open caves with beautiful pools. Easy but tiring Full One Day river tracing. It is a Forbidden place as it belongs to Taroko National Park but still many operators go there, it means you are not insured in case of accident.
Mugumuyu RT慕谷慕魚生態廊道 : Mugumuyu River tracing is lovely and family friendly with beautiful spots to jump and swim. Requires police permit but you can get it  on site near the parking place.

To be short here is the map, the map also contains hostels, camping grounds and places to visit :

Hiking-Taiwan-Club :Hiking Baiyue 百岳 and River Tracing is our hobby ! We are VOLUNTEERS to help you go and climb Xueshan but we are also BUSY with our jobs & families & often on the mountain trails :-)) You can also join us in our activities. Share FB page and start a CHAT https://www.facebook.com/HikingTaiwanClub/

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  • Hello. I have checked your hikingtaiwan.club and thanks so much for the useful info. Our trip in Hualien was a blast! The hikes and the river tracing was AWESOME! Thanks again!