Snow Mountain Taiwan Tour with Guide 2019

Snow Mountain Taiwan Tour with Guide 2019

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Detail of Snow Mountain Taiwan Guided Tour Update Oct 2019

 We offer nearly weekly departure to the High Mountains in Taiwan called the Baiyue 百岳 Top 100

Price of the Snow Mountain Tour is detailed as :

Service of Hiking Tour NT$ SGD PHP
Permits Administration Fee (includes the 2 permits and the 2 cabins)
2000 NT
89.6 SGD
Car rental with driver
20000 NT
896 SGD
High Mountain Guide
20000 NT
896 SGD
Entrance Fee per person
160 NT
7.2 SGD
Food and sleeping bag per person for 2 nights
1600 NT
72 SGD
Mountain Insurance for 3 days 2 nights/person
500 NT
22.4 SGD

So the fees for 3 hikers at Snow Mountain are

2000+20000+20000+3*160+3*1600+3*500= 48780 NT for the group.

 Divided by 3 = 16260 NT/ person

So the fees for 4 hikers at Snow Mountain are

2000+20000+20000+4*160+4*1600+4*500= 51040 NT for the group.

 Divided by 4 = 12760 NT/ person

IF you go the whole trip with Hiking Taiwan Club, 

you get the permits and administration fee for FREE so it’s 2000 NT saved for you.

Moreover, we lend you a helmet, walking sticks for FREE.

IF we find or you find a reliable driver cheaper then the price of Snow Mountain Tour is recalculated.

IF you get your own Mountain Insurance or you carry your food and sleeping bag then the price of the Hiking Tour is also reduced.

How to apply the Snow Mountain Tour?

The process is :

We apply permit for FREE
Once permit is granted we must book the van and pay 10k in advance, we expect you to pay. This is not refundable if you cancel.

The group pays 10k on the departure day when we meet.
Hike 2 days,
Pay the rest once you are safe at Taipei.

We are familiar with Singapore hikers, with Filipinos hikers, with Hong Kong hikers, with Malaysian hikers, with Kiwi hikers, with Aussie hikers, with French hikers, with German hikers, with Spanish hikers (except Catalonia), with Portuguese hikers, with Swiss hikers and with Indonesian hikers.

We rotate between Snow Mountain, Jade Mountain, Wuling Sixiu, Nanhu Mountain and Qilai Mountain.
So contact us to know the schedule!

In your message, don’t forget to precise your target Mountain, your possible dates and the number of hikers.

Who are the guides of the Snow Mountain Tour?

We do not guide for a living! 

So we will not “push” you to go with us.
Also, the guides are not always available.

All the guides speak good English, are friendly and patient except one who has a short temper.
One guide speaks French fluently.

Yoga Mindfulness Meditation practitioners are particularly appreciated!

Save your money! Born from a Singapore girl idea, Here is the regularly updated guided tour for Xueshan Hike in Taiwan:

ITINERARY of the Snow Mountain hike :

  • The Hike starts at Wuling Farm Xueshan Trailhead (2200 m altitude) – Metres above sea level
  • with 2 km to Qika cabin (2500 m altitude)
  • followed by 4 km to Xueshan East Peak (3150 m altitude) via “Crying slope”
  • then  1 km to 369 cabin (3100 m altitude),
  • finally 4 km to the summit of Snow Mountain = Xue Shan (3886 m)
  • It’s a total of 11 km going up then 11 km going down in high altitude with lower oxygen.

Hiking Xueshan trailhead service station Hiking Taiwan Club at Control permit checkpoint, Xueshan trailhead

Wuling Farm


This website was made thanks to a SINGAPORE GIRL HIKER who hiked with us and told us it was traditionally too expensive to hike Yushan or Xueshan,

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FAQ When is Snow Season at Xueshan?


Do you know the Baiyue 百岳 ?

Yushan is the EASIEST mountain in Taiwan, it’s the highest but the trailhead is also the highest!

Xueshan is the Second EASIEST mountain, the trailhead is already at high altitude.

Nanhu Dashan is the Third EASIEST mountain but it takes one more day, there are longer parts on flat land.

Yushan Jade Mountain Hike in Taiwan CLICK  HERE

CLICK HERE to Check Hiking Yushan Jade Mountain in Taiwan 

For STRONG hikers, are you looking for something challenging ? Have a look at Hiking Qilai mountain in Taiwan

Besides, for the VERY STRONG hikers, you can do SECTIONS, it takes 6-10 days to hike a section but you collect many Baiyue in a row!

There are a dozen of Mountain SECTIONS in Taiwan, it is a Paradise for Hiking Lovers!!!

HELP others to SAVE money by SHARING in your groups :

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